Pokemon Face Mask - Pokemon Starters

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This listing is for a face mask with a Starter Pokemon print. The front side has a Starter Pokemon print and the backside is a white solid fabric. The face mask is made with double layered 100% cotton. Please be sure to select the correct size and correct design (Regular or Large) when checking out.

NOTE: The names of some of the pokemon are Korean as the fabric originated from Korea. Squirtle = Kkobugi; Bulbasaur = Isanghaessi; Charmander = Pairi. The pokemon are printed at different directions, so there will be variants in each mask.

These face mask are made of 100% cotton but it is NOT a medical grade face mask. These masks come in two TEENS/ADULT sizes (Regular and Large). The Regular Size does fit most teenagers and adults; we do not carry any kid size masks. See photos for size comparison. The LARGE Size fits most men and those that require a larger size. It is recommended that people face masks coverings in public settings. Face masks may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. It is vital that people adhere to social distancing whenever possible.

Face Mask Care:
✓ Recommended to wash mask before using
✓ Machine washable or hand wash (soapy hot water)
✓ Machine dry or hang dry
✓ Wash face mask frequently; after every use

Due to the personal usage of this item, there will be no exchanges or refunds once shipped. Extra thanks for being interested in these masks; they are handmade by the brand owner's mom! Prior to the pandemic, mom supported the brand by assembling many of the hats our customers own today. Since that is no longer possible, mom has been looking for a way to continue her support and keep busy during this time. Thank you for making that possible!