[Hero Series] FOODIE

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This hat is inspired by Tamaki Amajiki. It is an adjustable white hat with a navy or black brim decorated textured mirror purple letters.

*Please note that the navy brim is a variant. Once we are out of stock of the navy brim, we will be shipping the original white hats with black brims. By making a purchase, you acknowledge that you may receive a hat with a black or  navy brim.

✦ Fun Facts ✦
- Tamaki and Momo should be best friends.
- Don't insult him and refer him to emo Sasuke, he does not deserve it.
- I really wanted to engrave a butterfly in the hat somewhere because I heard that was his favorite animal, but I didn't want people to think that Tamaki ate butterflies.
- One of the most relatable characters because anxiety!
- "You are what you eat"